DD Photography Unit

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Through this unit you will become familiar with qualities that make a good photograph, qualities of a good critique and discuss photos with the class. You will learn how to use a camera on manual settings in order to understand how it works and what settings are best for various situations. As a class we will take a field trip to shoot your own photos and then analyze those photos to turn in. Finally, we will discuss the photographs in a class discussion.

Complete the tasks in order.

  1. Keep Photography Journal throughout the semester.
  2. Complete any preliminary tutorials or assignments as listed on the fall DD2 To-Do List
  3. Photo Tips & How-Tos
  4. Critique Tips & Critique
  5. Review Aperture, Histogram, & Exposure, White Balance Handouts
  6. Camera Facts, get to know your camera, Camera Manual, EXIF data
    Shoot to get to know your camera using all dials and settings. Shoot the same scene with each setting on the dial and compare the EXIF Data in the Meta Panel in Bridge to understand the differences.
  7. Photo Assignments using the Photoshop processing steps

DD2 Photo Field Trips

  • 2017 - Potholes and Beetle's Salvage yard in Williamsport, Lafayette - Car lot, Indian Motorcycle, McGuire Music
  • 2016 - Jasper/Pulaski Fish & Wildlife Area, Lafayette Skate Park, Almost Home Humane Society, Dogs Visit Softball Field
  • 2015 - Downtown Lafayette - Jazz/Blues Festival, Fowler Fire Station, Newton County Countryside, Horses at Newton County Fairgrounds.
  • 2014 - Chicago China Town, Tippecanoe River State Park overnight & Fort Knox Paintball
  • 2013 - Williamsport Potholes, Junkyard, Badlands, Reynolds Junkyard, Francepark 
  • 2012 - Benton County Countryside & Lama Farm
  • 2011 - Downtown Crownpoint & GoKart, Horses at Newton County Fairgrounds, Newton County Iron Bridge
  • 2010 - Willow Slough, Downtown Brook, Goodland, Kentland, & Hazelden Property
  • 2009 - Newton County Countryside, Rensselaer/Saint Joseph College Campus
  • 2008 - Downtown Lafayette
  • 2007 - Balmoral Race Track