DD Photography Unit

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Through this unit you will become familiar with qualities that make a good photograph, qualities of a good critique and discuss photos with the class. You will learn how to use a camera on manual settings in order to understand how it works and what settings are best for various situations. As a class we will take a field trip to shoot your own photos and then analyze and process those photos to turn in. Finally, we will discuss the photographs in a class discussion.

Course Content

  1. Photography Journal throughout the semester

  2. Photo Tips, Critique Tips, & Critique Video

  3. Photoshop or Lightroom

  4. How-Tos & Get to Know your Camera

  5. Shoot, Process & Complete Photo Assignments

  6. Additional Assignments - Podcast Report, Documentary Review, Demo Video, Home Project

Photo Field Trip History

  • 2018 - Mrs. VanDuyn’s property, Crown Point Family Fun Center Go-Kart Racing, Lafayette Prophetstown, Downtown, Happy Hollow, SN Elementary back parking lot - colored powder, skateboards, bicycles, light painting with LED lights and steel wool.

  • 2017 - Potholes and Beetle's Salvage yard in Williamsport, Lafayette - Car lot, Indian Motorcycle, McGuire Music

  • 2016 - Jasper/Pulaski Fish & Wildlife Area, Lafayette Skate Park, Almost Home Humane Society, Dogs Visit Softball Field

  • 2015 - Downtown Lafayette - Jazz/Blues Festival, Fowler Fire Station, Newton County Countryside, Horses at Newton County Fairgrounds.

  • 2014 - Chicago China Town, Tippecanoe River State Park overnight & Fort Knox Paintball

  • 2013 - Williamsport Potholes, Junkyard, Badlands, Reynolds Junkyard, Francepark

  • 2012 - Benton County Countryside & Lama Farm

  • 2011 - Downtown Crownpoint & GoKart, Horses at Newton County Fairgrounds, Newton County Iron Bridge

  • 2010 - Willow Slough, Downtown Brook, Goodland, Kentland, & Hazelden Property

  • 2009 - Newton County Countryside, Rensselaer/Saint Joseph College Campus

  • 2008 - Downtown Lafayette

  • 2007 - Balmoral Race Track