ARTWORK of the YEAR by Kassidy Szkopiec


His artwork will be framed and hung in the Elementary hallway as a part of the permanent art collection in the Elementary.  Congrats!!

Congratulations to this years TRI KAPPA Kreative Kids Project Participants and Winners!!


The SNES Art Room is all about creating and making connections with art and the real world.  In the Art Room lessons connect to classroom curriculum giving your student more chances to take in that information so we can reach every learner. Connecting art to something they may have learned in another subject can be a powerful way to support your learner.

What does my child need for art class?
--All students need to bring an art shirt and a gallon size ziplock to store their shirt in every class.  This is to protect their school clothes.
I suggest just using an old over sized t-shirt.
**don't forget to write your students name on the shirt and ziplock bag so if it is misplaced we know who it belongs to**
(The Art Room will no longer provide extra shirts to be borrowed)

How does the 1:1 format affect the art room?
-Using technology in the art room has always been something we use often but now this technology will be up close and in the hands of your child. 
-They will be able to view artwork on their own device along with me through the projector, discussions can happen through votes and forums in our classroom, collaboration, interactive art apps, research, and of course creating art.  
-All of these things will be incorporated and used throughout the year.