Digital Design

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Digital Design 1

Digital Design 2

Turning in Projects

  • TTARs, PRs, DRs, Journals, Notes, & Worksheets are to be turned in on Google Classroom as well as post your papers in the appropriate discussion forum on Moodle. Be sure to paste the text and work cited in the discussion post.

  • Digital Projects are to be put in your TBG Folder and will be graded about once a week.

  • Home Projects should be turned in in any way possible. Email, thumbdrive, burnt disk, TBG Folder, Web Link, or Physically

  • eLearning - Go to Google Classroom for assignment. You can turn in the eLearning assignment in GC, email, or upload to your "to be graded" folder. If you don't turn it in on GC, you can let me know you put it in TBG.

  • Email concerns or documents/files to Ms. Murphy All emails will get a reply no matter what to confirm it. Communication is key if you are having any problems.

Home Project Ideas