Fiber Arts

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Field Trips

  • Alpaca Farm - Visit the farm, help process the raw fiber from the shaved off blanket, sorting, cleaning and carding. Bring back to the classroom bags of fiber ready for our felting project 
  • Paper-making - Visit and tour the Twinrocker paper-making operation in Brookston, IN
  • Weaving workshop - Meet with a weaving/basket artist at a museum or park, see the artist art pieces, brainstorm with them, help each student start on a sculptural weaving. 
  • Yarn Spinning visiting artist (in-house field trip)- students learn about types of wool and spinning tools, and then spin their own wool using a drop spindle. 

Click here to see a photo gallery of our 2012 trip to the Alpaca Farm.

 Click to see past projects

Click to see past projects

Projects and Techniques Covered

  • Batik: History, Traditional & Modern technique
  • Crochet & Knitting: History, Choice of Project differentiated by level of experience, knitting loom for the lower levels.
  • Weaving: History of textiles and baskets, Projects include: tar-paper basket, wrapping paper basket, willow stick weaving, twill woven place-mat, Cherokee Double Wall Basket
  • Coiling: Animal Sculpture
  • Felting: Wet and Needle Felting projects
  • Paper-making: History, Field trip to paper making shop, make paper for Bookmaking
  • Bookmaking: Multiple types of small wallet sized books
  • Wire Wrapping & Chainmail
  • Clothing/ Screen-printing: History, Project with multiple layers of color, Logo design
  • Latch-hook: Famous Artist or Artwork Interpretation, self- designed
  • Quilling- Self-designed