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Adobe Photoshop Tutorials

Please use Abobe Photoshop CS6 (64bit) on your computer or desktop when you are in the lab.
The videos you will watch are using another version of Photoshop so some things may look different, however both have the same options.

Each day assignments will be given on Google Classroom- (log in info above)

Each day you will watch the given video and practice using the tools shown on the video. When you are finished you will turn in your photo that you practiced on. 
Each day you will be given a list of items that the video will cover and those will be the items that I will need to see on the photo you turn in so that earn full credit for that day's assignment.

Take advantage of having the power to pause and replay the video as much as you want.  
It will be helpful to have a split screen so that you can have Photoshop open on one side and the video open on the other side of your large screen in the lab.  Others may want the video to play from the laptop and to have Photoshop open on the desktop screen, either way works. 


Photoshop Activities